General Questions

It’s simple, follow this link, select & submit a loan type and term, fill out the application fully and accurately be sure to upload the mandatory documents and that’s it. Please note that applications received incomplete or without documentation will not be considered for approval. Please check to make sure you qualify and have your documents ready before applying.

No. Before accepting you will see the total cost of your loan in simple and easy to understand terms including total principal, interest and admin fees.

Government-issued IDs: Driver’s license, Passport, UMID/UNIFIED ID, SSS ID (We do not accept Government ID that is not listed above)

Proof of Bank account: Bank statement showing your name, address and account information consistent with your application data and government issued ID.

Proof of income: COEC and most recent pay slips.

Proof of Address: Monthly statements in your name from electric, telecom, cable or other utilities. Any official government correspondence etc. Rent or Lease Contract (duly notarized) Must match your name and address and be current within 2 months. Mailed bank statements which meet these criteria can be used for both requirements.

Yes. You must be able to demonstrate current employment and be regularized to qualify. For Payday loans, borrowers must have a minimum gross monthly salary of 15,000Php. For monthly loans the minimum monthly gross salary is 25,000Php.

Our reporting to credit bureaus is based only on your payment performance on loans you accept from us. The positive performance will result in positive reports while negative performance could make it more difficult for you to get credit in the future from us or other lenders. You will never be negatively impacted if you apply for but are not approved for a loan at


Your application will be reviewed by our team to verify the information and documentation you have provided and determine your eligibility for a loan. You may receive calls or emails from our loan agents for further information to help your application along in the process.

We strive to reach our decision within one business day but may encounter unexpected delays. The biggest cause for delay is waiting for applicants to upload the proper required documents as well as waiting on your company HR to verify your employment.
If you are approved, you will receive notification and be required to take action (accepting loan agreement) before the loan can be disbursed. Once you have accepted and digitally signed the loan agreement, funds will be disbursed to your indicated bank account and available for your use. For monthly loans, your funds are disbursed once we have received and verified your PDCs.

If your application is denied you will be notified via email and you are welcome to apply again at any time. Even if you are not approved for a loan, applying will not affect your credit rating.

Borrowers are currently limited to one live application and one active loan at a time.

You still must undergo evaluation but previous positive performance on QuickPera will certainly put you on the fast track to approval and could also result in you being qualified to borrow larger amounts.


We understand sometimes things happen. If you are late or know you will be late it is important that you contact. If you contact us before missing a payment, in many cases we can help you to avoid late fee penalties and negative impact on your credit standing.

Upon missing your payment your account is subject to penalties and fees. If you do not contact us or avoid our contact, your account will be sent to collections which will have a negative effect on your record and could prevent you from obtaining credit in the future.

In order to maintain good credit, it is crucial to make your payments on time. Bad credit performance will not only affect your ability to borrow with us again but because we are required to share information with the credit bureaus, it will also impact you on future credit requests with other lenders large and small.

No. You can repay the total balance of your loan at any time with absolutely no additional charges or penalties. Usually, you can enjoy a discount for early payments.